In this category of Little Paradises in Portugal, the aim is to have a collection of the Beautiful places that Portugal has to offer. Of course tips are very welcome. The sights in the immediate vicinity are also described.


A versatile city for young and old. Known for its ancient buildings. The miles of narrow streets with countless shops. The many fado houses with their own fado. The oldest university in Europe, not to forget the beautiful views over the River Mondego

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Our Backyard

The outbreak of the Coronavirus Covid-19 (February 2020) has forced many people to sit at home. Directly behind our house is a lot of nature and a lot of flowers. In the spring it is a wealth of flowering plants. I took many photos with the phone in my hand. The species diversity is enormous, so I will still be busy if I want to photograph them all.

Note that most photos are simply taken with the mobile phone. Nowadays these can do much more than just call ... (for tips on photographing with your mobile, see my blog about "photographing with your mobile")

Below is a selection of the plants that grow in our "backyard".

The first link is an Album of Google Photos, containing photos of plants I have encountered in the garden. Tip: click on the information icon at the top right to get information about location and name. I made an attempt to look up the names in Latin / Dutch / English / Portuguese and German. If you see that this is not correct, please let me know.


Photos from our "Backyard"




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