ComponentService offers you property managementhome maintenance and Estate management for the private market. You can also contact us for doing odd jobs or Handyman work in and around the house.

We will mainly be engaged in andfor the private market. You can also come to us for an Handyman to do jobs in and around the house, or if you just need an extra two pairs of hands for a job.


Property management.

Vacancy quickly detracts the value of your home. Pests quickly find their way in and moisture can become a major problem due to poor ventilation.

If you do not use your holiday home for a longer period of time, property management is a very good solution. Having your home managed is a burden off your shoulders. It is also an advantage that if you make use of the house again yourself, the house is immediately ready for use. You can start enjoying your well-deserved holiday right away.

Having tenants is often healthier for a home than vacancy. We therefore advise you to register with a booking office for holiday homes. We can then guide the tenants for you. Our experience is that tenants often find it very pleasant to be received by someone who speaks their own language or the language spoken by them. We speak Dutch/German/English/French/Swiss/Spanish/Portuguese and even Frisian. In case of malfunctions and problems, the tenants can contact us and we will solve the problems.

The final cleaning and disinfection can also be arranged by us afterwards.

 If you are interested or want to know more, please fill in the contact form, call or email us. 


Home maintenance

In addition to property management, you can also contact us for home maintenance. Think especially about repairs, recovery work, hinges and locks and painting. But also installing boilers and geysers are part of the work. Outdoors we can maintain the garden, fencing, lighting, etc. 

After a long winter in which there falls more water than usual, we often see green deposits of algae on walls and terraces. Instead of using chlorine and other chemical environmental contaminants, it is better to clean this with a pressure washer. We can realize this for you.

Estate Management

Do you own a large garden or a piece of land around or near your home? Then make sure that this is cleaned in time. It turns out that you can get high fines (from € 280-10,000 for private individuals) for not cleaning the ground around your house. Fortunately, most people got a warning first, but take notice for anyone with a lot of ground around the house. The deadline is usually in April (before the warm days arrive). The rules and requirements are indicated on various sites. Tip: have your search engine search your PC with these words: "Multas por falta de limpeza de terrenos Coimbra". This way you get several sites with the rules and obligations that you have to comply with as an owner. You will also get companies on the search engine who want to do this for you. All this to prevent dangerous situations in the event of a fire. The fines have been increasing every year so far because many people do not comply with them.

Of course we can realize and take care of this for you also. 



As a Handyman, I am often called for various jobs. As a former system administrator, you can also contact me for computer repairs, or installing software or operating systems. Installing a drive or ssd card, etc. Computers also need cleaning over time. In order to keep up with the times, it is sometimes necessary to upgrade the PC. 

Our household machines often stop working because a wire or fuse has burned out or has come loose. Repair can then be a cheap solution to use your electrical machine for years to come. Since it is impossible to say in advance whether this will work, I use the No Cure, No Pay for this. If I can't fix it, you don't pay anything.

In case of issues with Pests, you can also contact us. With many years of experience in controlling pests (wasps, hornets, flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, mice and rats) at large international companies, you can also contact us for control or advice. The focus here is not directly on exterminating, but more on preventing pests to be a burden. This is often more effective and environmentally friendlier than placing poison or clamps.

If you have activities that are not listed here, please contact us and ask. Less common activities are also seen as a challenge. 


For more information, please fill in the contact form, call or email us.